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Paul Brannen MEP: Farming is served best by staying in the EU

11 March 2016

Of all the sectors in the European Union economy, it is farming that is in receipt of a level of subsidy others could only dream of. Despite falling as an overall percentage of the EU budget in recent years, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) still remains the single largest item in the budget. UK farmers… [Read More]

A valid positive case for staying will always look like project fear

10 March 2016

David Cameron has been attacked repeatedly for scaremongering in his handling of the Brexit debate. It is a charge also levelled at Britain Stronger in Europe and Labour In For Britain. Supporters of the Remain campaign are attacked for their pessimism and exhorted to present a positive case for staying in the EU, if they… [Read More]

Why do so few Labour MPs stand up for self-governing democracy?

Until 1988 the Labour party was steadfast in its opposition to the transfer of power to Brussels and determined to uphold self-government in Britain. In 1988 it was persuaded by Jacques Delors that it would be able to use the powers of the EU to force ‘social Europe’ on Britain against the wishes of the… [Read More]

Five reasons why big business is not trusted on the EU

7 March 2016

The government thinks it can frighten people into voting to stay in the EU by getting businesses to say that leaving will threaten investment and jobs. Their assumption is that it worked for the Scottish referendum and it could tip the balance in the EU vote. There are at least five reasons why it’s not… [Read More]

Many countries trade with the EU without free movement of people

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on the Today programme (2 March 2016): ‘It is not credible to suggest that you could have continued access to the single market without having to accept freedom of movement of labour.’ And yet the EU already gives access to goods and services to several nations without requiring free movement.… [Read More]

TTIP is not a reason for leftwing voters to support Leave

1 March 2016

I wrote critically about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in 2013 and 2014, both on the Civitas website and on Left Foot Forward. Like many others, I was concerned by the possibility that TTIP would erode health and safety standards by compromising with America, that the deal could add small stabs of privatisation to… [Read More]

Project Fear: It’s Mr Cameron that’s afraid

29 February 2016

In an article for the Sunday Telegraph David Cameron admitted that he is afraid of the risks we face if we leave the EU. A vote to leave, he insisted, would be the ‘gamble of the century’. Mr Cameron has been accused of leading Project Fear, a campaign to frighten members of the public into… [Read More]

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