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Angela Smith MP: Why I’ll be voting to stay In on 23 June

18 March 2016

There is now less than a hundred days to go before the referendum on whether or not the UK should remain a member of the European Union.  Less than a hundred days, then, to win the argument for an outward looking United Kingdom which understands that it is stronger, safer and better off as a… [Read More]

Paul Brannen MEP: Farming is served best by staying in the EU

11 March 2016

Of all the sectors in the European Union economy, it is farming that is in receipt of a level of subsidy others could only dream of. Despite falling as an overall percentage of the EU budget in recent years, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) still remains the single largest item in the budget. UK farmers… [Read More]

A valid positive case for staying will always look like project fear

10 March 2016

David Cameron has been attacked repeatedly for scaremongering in his handling of the Brexit debate. It is a charge also levelled at Britain Stronger in Europe and Labour In For Britain. Supporters of the Remain campaign are attacked for their pessimism and exhorted to present a positive case for staying in the EU, if they… [Read More]

TTIP is not a reason for leftwing voters to support Leave

1 March 2016

I wrote critically about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in 2013 and 2014, both on the Civitas website and on Left Foot Forward. Like many others, I was concerned by the possibility that TTIP would erode health and safety standards by compromising with America, that the deal could add small stabs of privatisation to… [Read More]

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