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Anthea McIntyre MEP: The leave campaign has built its house on sand

27 May 2016

The Leave camp in the referendum debate are quick to accuse their opponents of conducting Operation Fear. In truth they are like the “foolish builders” of the Bible who have built on sand. Consistently their claims and warnings are so tenuous,so far distant from reality, that they will not withstand the rains and winds of expert and media scrutiny.… [Read More]

Alyn Smith MEP: Why Scotland is better off in the EU

18 April 2016

For many on the leave side of the EU debate, the principle of the free movement of people across the continent is resented and hated. However, this is not something to view as a threat but something to embrace. Freedom of movement is a two way street. It opens up opportunities for Scots, but EU… [Read More]

Jean Lambert MEP: The green jobs case for the UK to remain in the EU

13 April 2016

The world of work is changing. With unacceptable levels of unemployment and job insecurity especially among our young people, and with traditional industries struggling, as the current crisis in UK steel illustrates, it is essential that we rise to the challenges of this changing world. Our best chance of building lasting, decent employment prospects for… [Read More]

Saying the EU ‘wants an army’ makes no sense

22 March 2016

The EU is not a monolith. It should not be a radical point to argue that the European Union is not, and does not operate as, a unified entity. Its many institutions and 28 countries do not act as a hive mind controlled by some central intelligence. There is disagreement at every stage; between MEPs… [Read More]

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