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Stuart Agnew MEP: The EU and Agriculture

20 April 2016

The EU is riven with contradictions. Take the vote last week to ban the herbicide glyphosate in seven years’ time. This material has been of enormous benefit to farmers over the last 40 years and has an excellent safety record. The World Health Organisation classify it as ‘probably carcinogenic’, which sounds alarming until you see… [Read More]

Jamila Nana of Africans For Britain: Why I back Brexit

19 April 2016

First of all, I am neither British nor from a Commonwealth Nation. In fact, I was born in France and should Britain exit the EU, my countries of origin in Africa: Burkina-Faso and the Ivory coast are unlikely to benefit directly or immediately. Some argue my Euroscepticism is misguided, since I benefited from free movement… [Read More]

Roland Smith: What might ‘Out’ actually look like?

7 April 2016

This perfectly reasonable question keeps coming up again and again because people have a right to know what the alternative to EU membership is. However the main voices on the Leave side seem reluctant to set it out in a single workable plan meaning the Remain campaign is now doing it for them. As one… [Read More]

Toby Young: Why I’ll be voting Leave on 23 June

17 March 2016

I’m a bit loath to begin this post by pointing out that the forthcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union is the most important choice the electorate has faced in a generation, even though it is. Why? Because it’s not in the interests of my side to shore up people’s interest in this… [Read More]

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