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EU Referendum

Marcus Gibson: Top 10 Reasons for Leaving the EU

19 May 2016

1) All of the high growth markets for UK exports lie outside the EU. 2) We cannot reform the EU Commission for the better as we will always be outvoted by the Franco-German clique. 3) We will take back control over our borders and control immigration. Already, much of eastern Europe is ignoring the Commission… [Read More]

Speech given at Oxford Union, by Marcus Gibson

On Tuesday, April 12th, I was invited to speak in favour of Brexit at the Oxford Union. My speech is below. All comments and corrections welcome.. My experiences of the European Commission are based on journalist research starting in 1984 when I began writing on the ever-growing mountain of environmental regulations coming out of the Commission, followed… [Read More]

Jonathan Arnott MEP: How do people from outside the EU view Brexit?

25 April 2016

When we look at Britain’s membership of the European Union, we often do so from an insider’s perspective. From British citizens to citizens of other European Union countries, we feel as though we have a vested interest one way or the other in the result. I meet people from other European countries who, for one… [Read More]

Obama provides a unique opportunity to discover how the world sees the UK

22 April 2016

When the president of the most powerful country in the world comes to the UK to offer advice on the biggest choice facing the British people, it provides a unique opportunity to discover how the world sees the UK. Writing in The Telegraph, Obama candidly states that, ‘‘the challenges facing the EU — migration, economic… [Read More]

Stuart Agnew MEP: The EU and Agriculture

The EU is riven with contradictions. Take the vote last week to ban the herbicide glyphosate in seven years’ time. This material has been of enormous benefit to farmers over the last 40 years and has an excellent safety record. The World Health Organisation classify it as ‘probably carcinogenic’, which sounds alarming until you see… [Read More]

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