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George Osborne’s reactionary pessimism

18 April 2016

In a continuation of the remain camp’s strategy of talking Britain down, George Osborne claims that Britain will be ‘permanently poorer’ outside the EU. He backed up his claim with a Treasury report based on questionable assumptions. He appears to have forgotten David Cameron’s speech to the World Economic Forum at Davos on 21 January… [Read More]

An independence manifesto for all parties and none – second edition

11 April 2016

An independent British people will be able to pursue higher ideals than is possible while we remain under the control of EU institutions. What are these ideals? Is there a manifesto for independence that would command wide support? Because opinions on the EU transcend normal party boundaries, it is vital that an any such manifesto… [Read More]

Roland Smith: What might ‘Out’ actually look like?

7 April 2016

This perfectly reasonable question keeps coming up again and again because people have a right to know what the alternative to EU membership is. However the main voices on the Leave side seem reluctant to set it out in a single workable plan meaning the Remain campaign is now doing it for them. As one… [Read More]

Saying the EU ‘wants an army’ makes no sense

The EU is not a monolith. It should not be a radical point to argue that the European Union is not, and does not operate as, a unified entity. Its many institutions and 28 countries do not act as a hive mind controlled by some central intelligence. There is disagreement at every stage; between MEPs… [Read More]

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