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Christian Stensrud: Brexit will not cause a domino effect

23 June 2016

Christian Stensrud Senior politicians across the EU have warned that Brexit could create a domino effect. George Osborne, Jean Asselborn and Wolfgang Schäuble have all argued that Brexit could encourage other member states to either renegotiate their membership or even leave the EU. Member states leaving en masse could be even more likely if the… [Read More]

Michael Burrage: Six claims of the Remain campaign that most annoy Leave

22 June 2016

Michael Burrage Both sides in the Brexit debate have made claims that particularly annoy the other, especially if they refer to issues where the evidence is, they think, overwhelmingly on their side, and unlike other issues, is beyond reasonable debate. In effect, they are being asked to debate what they consider to be no-brainers. This… [Read More]

Workplace rights in the UK exceed the EU minimum

13 June 2016

Labour leaders are struggling to motivate Labour voters. Is it because the voters are misguided or because the leaders no longer speak for the party’s natural supporters? The strongest argument being advanced is that workplace rights will be dismantled after Brexit. But how plausible is this fear? There are numerous examples of workplace rights in… [Read More]

Why we must Vote To Leave The EU: A Briefing Note By Peter Morgan MBE

6 June 2016

Contents: The Big issues What happens after we leave? The European Empire Why must we leave? However did we get to this state? The Big Issues Self Government is the central issue. The British Empire based its existence on the argument that ‘good’ government was better for the governed than self-government. The ‘Remain’ case is… [Read More]

Recommended reading

23 May 2016

“The eurozone is economically moribund, persists with policies that have demonstrably failed, is indifferent to democracy, is run by and for a small, self-perpetuating elite, and is slowing dying.” This was Larry Elliott in the Guardian on 20 May. And yet the vast majority of people who voted Labour in 2015 want to remain in… [Read More]

Marcus Gibson: Top 10 Reasons for Leaving the EU

19 May 2016

1) All of the high growth markets for UK exports lie outside the EU. 2) We cannot reform the EU Commission for the better as we will always be outvoted by the Franco-German clique. 3) We will take back control over our borders and control immigration. Already, much of eastern Europe is ignoring the Commission… [Read More]

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