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About Us

EU facts is a series of neutral fact sheets on the European Union, plus a section looking at both sides of the referendum debate. It is designed to help members of the public reach an informed decision. The fact sheets have been compiled and checked by Civitas research staff and aim to be objective, impartial and informative. The ‘Referendum Debate’ section aims to present the strongest cases from both sides. The Blog is where opinions can clash. We invite supporters of Leave and Remain to contribute topical comment pieces.

Civitas think tank is a community of researchers and supporters committed to discovering how best to strengthen democracy, uphold limited government, maintain personal freedom, achieve opportunity for all, and encourage free enterprise. We strive to achieve our ideals through independent research, reasoned argument, lucid explanation and open public debate. We stand apart from party politics and transitory intellectual fashions in pursuit of the enduring ideals that have made Britain a fortress of liberal civilisation.