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Marcus Gibson: Top 10 Reasons for Leaving the EU

Marcus Gibson, 19 May 2016

1) All of the high growth markets for UK exports lie outside the EU.

2) We cannot reform the EU Commission for the better as we will always be outvoted by the Franco-German clique.

3) We will take back control over our borders and control immigration. Already, much of eastern Europe is ignoring the Commission on immigration and asserting their independence over the issue. They will not take the tens of thousands of migrants the Commission has ordered them to take. The intense pressure must be removed from hospitals, schools and housing in the UK due to mass migration. It is the ‘in work’ benefits, and free NHS care, that attracts them, not the ‘out of work’ benefits as many academics wrongly proclaim. We will also be able to save much of the green belt in London, East Midlands and Yorkshire, that is currently threatened with huge housing developments.

4) Many European markets, including many of the most important ones, are already closed to us, and will never open – eg. France’s engineering sector that is 95% in French hands, Italy’s consumer goods and textile markets, German food and drink sector, et al. Leaving will not affect this already dire situation for UK exporters. So fears about ‘marginalisation’ are groundless.

5) Any detrimental effects on the UK economy after leaving will be very small. Why? European and other overseas firms own much of our industry and infrastructure already and are not going to pull out, or sell out, as these assets are highly profitable. The HQs of international companies are never going to leave if only because few staff want to live in Frankfurt or Paris, and very few want their children to go to school and learn French or German when English is the only language that matters.

6) The UK economy can move away from its property and finance sectors, and on large corporates, and focus on mid-sized and SME companies, especially in manufacturing and engineering, and especially those which buy UK-made goods.

7) The UK economy is now in recession (housing prices, manufacturing output, etc) but the 900,000 migrants arriving each year, plus their dependents, mask the core decline and enable economists to show that the economy is ‘growing’. It isn’t.

8) EU funding back into the UK has only a minor effect, even on the regional economy and our ‘sink’ cities in the North. While an elite group of UK universities do receive a higher share of the funding than other advanced nations the bottom 120 UK universities receive very little. Only 1 in 10 bids succeed – and a huge amount of time and effort is wasted by university admin staff.

9) Employment for UK-born skilled and unskilled staff will recover quickly if the arrival of migrants is restricted, especially in key growth sectors such as food & drink, electronics, construction and distribution, and transport.

10) Finally.. British journalists at EU/Commission press conferences will continue to be ignored and never called to ask questions. Instead, the Portuguese or Slovenian journalist is called to give a question – and starts by congratulating the EU ministers on their performance! So no change here.

– Marcus Gibson –

2 comments on “Marcus Gibson: Top 10 Reasons for Leaving the EU”

  1. 3. “It is the “in-work” benefits and free NHS care that attracts them ,not the out-of-work benefits as many academics wrongly proclaim.” Which academics (rather than politicians or journalists) make this claim ? And don’t most people come simply for work ?

    4. In what sense is the German food and drink sector closed to us ?

    6. “The UK can move away from its property and finance sectors” – why can this be done when out of the EU but not while in it ?

    7. The economy is not growing – what measure are you going by ?

  2. The one vital thing that you missed and should be at No.1 is the plan to take over control of our Armed Forces. If we had to defend the Falklands again do you think the Germans and French would support that? The first priority of any government is to protect its people. That cannot be changed under any circumstances.

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