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May 2016

Anthea McIntyre MEP: The leave campaign has built its house on sand

The Leave camp in the referendum debate are quick to accuse their opponents of conducting Operation Fear. In truth they are like the “foolish builders” of the Bible who have built on sand. Consistently their claims and warnings are so tenuous,so far distant from reality, that they will not withstand the rains and winds of expert and media scrutiny.… [Read More]

Recommended reading

23 May 2016

“The eurozone is economically moribund, persists with policies that have demonstrably failed, is indifferent to democracy, is run by and for a small, self-perpetuating elite, and is slowing dying.” This was Larry Elliott in the Guardian on 20 May. And yet the vast majority of people who voted Labour in 2015 want to remain in… [Read More]

Marcus Gibson: Top 10 Reasons for Leaving the EU

19 May 2016

1) All of the high growth markets for UK exports lie outside the EU. 2) We cannot reform the EU Commission for the better as we will always be outvoted by the Franco-German clique. 3) We will take back control over our borders and control immigration. Already, much of eastern Europe is ignoring the Commission… [Read More]

Speech given at Oxford Union, by Marcus Gibson

On Tuesday, April 12th, I was invited to speak in favour of Brexit at the Oxford Union. My speech is below. All comments and corrections welcome.. My experiences of the European Commission are based on journalist research starting in 1984 when I began writing on the ever-growing mountain of environmental regulations coming out of the Commission, followed… [Read More]

Margarida Vasconcelos: Is the government’s new settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union legally binding and irreversible?

11 May 2016

The government claims that the new settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union agreed by David Cameron and the other EU leaders at February’s European Council is an international law decision that is both legally binding and irreversible. First of all, it is important to stress that David Cameron has just sought some… [Read More]