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Historians for in the EU: Britain’s past, present and future lies within Europe

Guest Blogger, 28 April 2016

Throughout history Britain has been a European state. In our past we have been invaded by Europeans and have invaded Europe ourselves.

Since 1066, 950 years of history have taken Britons via Agincourt, Henry VIII’s Acts of Supremacy, William and Mary from The Netherlands, Treaty of Vienna.

European imperialism, two World Wars and the EEC to our present status as one of Europe’s most European countries. Yet it cannot be ignored that this has caused a huge identity crisis for an island race with a natural border between itself and the continent. For many this border make them feel that they should reject outright our European identity and work in the future as a more independent government. However our shared history and our shared future reveal that Britain ceased being an independent state years ago AND we are all the stronger for it. To combat the challenges of immigration, climate change, extremism etc. then countries of the world need to come and stand closer together, not go it alone. Consequently you have to lose elements of your sovereignty, but if losing some parts of your sovereignty make Europe, the world and Britain and Britons safer and more prosperous, then so be it.

Even our name – Britons – is European as Bretons helped to make our country via migration from France to Grande Bretagne. Our decision to fight a continental war in 1914 and 1939 is strong, recent evidence that Britain’s heart and her role lie in Europe. Over a million Britons died in the struggle to avoid a continent dominated by one state. To avoid a Europe economically and politically dominated in the future, we are not being called to fight, we are being called to vote.

In a democratic ballot on June 23rd, just a centenary and a day from the start of the big guns assault on the trenches around the Somme. Some people – myself included – would call that progress. This is why I shall be voting IN as we have been IN for nearly a thousand years and should be for next thousand years.

4 comments on “Historians for in the EU: Britain’s past, present and future lies within Europe”

  1. No what I am saying is our European policy has been centred around a balance of power for centuries. To keep a European balance of power, the U.K. Needs to stay in the EU.

  2. Point of fact Britons emigrated to Brittany not Bretons to Britain –

    And what is your point “To avoid a Europe economically and politically dominated in the future” are you saying we have to vote to stay in the EU or Germany will try to take over Europe and/or us? I think that is the type of stereotype we should try to escape from.

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